Life Sciences Solutions

Life Sciences Solutions

INCALUS wide range of portfolio of services and solutions enable organizations to improve productivity, drive innovation, increase business value and stay compliant.

We have a dedicated team of consultants with several years of experience in medical devices practice. Improve service efficiency and provide superlative customer experience through predictive analysis Empower organizations through big data and predictive analysis solutions. Enable organizations to overcome falling R&D productivity, reduce cost pressures and drive process efficiencies.

Medical device manufacturers seek maximum efficiency to achieve a leadership position and to answer increasing customer expectations. They must accelerate time to market to drive profitable innovation, and optimize the demand chain to deliver quality product to customers under constant pressure to reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements. Business applications must be scalable to enable growth with minimized initial implementation outlay, protecting your investment over time.

INCALUS Add on solutions:
Managing consignment inventory
Compliance in different countries

Key Industry Drivers
Regulatory Compliance
• How do I achieve and maintain tight control of manufacturing processes?
• How can I ensure compliance with government regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11
• How do I Reduce Risk via Process Validation & Compliance

Collaborative Planning
• Extend Visibility – Communicate requirements to all suppliers
• React Faster to Supplier's Constraints
• Get visibility to supplier capacity
• Reallocate key components
• Make alternate sourcing decisions
• Reduce Obsolescence – Understand impact of BOM changes to your contract manufacturer or supplier
• Trace a customer shipment back to the original source
Improve Operational Efficiencies
Provide localizations for multiple geographies

Our team has successfully executed numerous projects and has a deep understanding of the unique process requirements and industry knowledge as well as our ERP and IT expertise, we ensure continuous horizontal and vertical support. We assure quality and reliability.
INCALUS has developed solutions for :
• Managing consignment inventory
• Compliance in different countries